“Why Wouldn’t You?”

“Why wouldn’t you?”

We’ve all got one, but we might not know it yet. Perhaps we do know, but we just haven’t acted on it.

Let me back track. This year I learnt a valuable lesson and that is we all have a ‘why wouldn’t you’. We all have that one thing we know we should do, because after all, why wouldn’t you?

Whether it’s business or personal, your ‘why wouldn’t you’ is a game-changer. But here’s the thing, it’s right there in front of you ready for the taking. To quote Al Pacino, ‘it’s the 6 inches in front of your face”. In other words, it’s your low hanging fruit.

Flashback 12 months ago, my business coach said to me ‘why wouldn’t you wholesale into stores’. Yeah, why wouldn’t we? For several years I had put it off, made excuses like our brand wasn’t ready for it. But it was our low-hanging fruit that we could capitalise on with very little investment which would give us increased diversity & brand reach.

This year, my why wouldn’t you is starting eCommerce coaching. Because hey, why wouldn’t I?

What’s yours? Right here, right now. What’s something you could easily be doing in business or in life that would change the game for you. It’s staring at you right now.


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