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About Robbie

Robbie is a serial entrepreneur, founder & speaker.

In 2017 Robbie was selected in SmartCompany’s Hot 30 Under 30 & in 2016 won the Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence (ABA100). Robbie is the Founder of multiple high-growth eCommerce companies.

At the age of 15 I was importing shoes and selling them to my classmates via a MySpace page. I would bring a ‘catalogue’ into class so that everyone could have a look at what I could get for them. Word of mouth spread and eventually I was getting requests for all kinds of things, phone chargers, cases and apparel.

At 16 I started a business called ‘Compressive’ to rival Skins – the sports apparel giant. I designed the compression clothing I wanted and negotiated a small order run from a manufacturer in Pakistan. I created my first real website and I generated a lot of raised eyebrows. My peers, my parents and general on-lookers were pretty impressed with what I had done. Everyone was loving what I was doing and I made a few sales. Skins had nothing to worry about.

15 days after I graduated from VCE, I started an online marketing & web design business. With not a whole lot of experience but an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to learn it grew quickly. After 3 years I was managing over 50 clients across Australia. I learnt as I went and I got pretty good at what I was doing. Most importantly, I learnt skills that would set me up for my next entrepreneurial (ad)ventures.

In March 2014, I launched Australian unisex watch company, UNCLE JACK. I was able to successfully conceptualise the idea, source private funding, implement a strategy and execute the plan. The company continues to grow and has been my largest entrepreneurial success to date. In 2016 Uncle Jack won the Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence.

I’ve also failed many times. A sports photography business I started with a friend in 2012 called ‘Action Snapped’ fell down quicker than the time it took to get started.

In 2014 I graduated with a Bachelor of Business from La Trobe University.

I love the entrepreneurial life. Everyday is different. You connect and build relationships with like-minded people you may not have otherwise met. Plus I love coffee and stationery so it was just meant to be – right?

Robbie Ball.

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