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Good day in Ocean Grove. Selling watches & a free coffee from the legends at @unclejacksoceangrove! ☕

Lately, I’ve become a big advocate of ebbs and flows. Not just in business but in life. Things will come and go, you will see the good and the bad, the beautiful and ugly and things will be constantly changing. I have always been a resilient person but I believe in the last few years[…]

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Doing the hard yards in London.
#ujlaunch @uj.uk

I’m run down, jet-lagged and weary-eyed. But it was an amazing week in London to launch Uncle Jack into the UK market. It has been around 6 months in the making after teaming up with entrepreneur extraordinaire Grant Walters from the UK. During my 9 days of travel, Grant and I met with a number UK-based[…]

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On set today with @unclejackwatches

It was a momentous occasion in the growth of Uncle Jack today as we secured a 12 month lease on an exciting new office space – the new Uncle Jack HQ. An upgrade in size, opportunity for expansion, greater facilities, better exposure & presentation are some of the benefits of the upgrade. With any upgrade[…]

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